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Decorative Mini Bark

Decorative Mini Bark

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Westland Decorative Mini Bark gives a highly decorative, low-maintenance finish for small borders and container. These small brown chips not only create a clean background for displaying your plants against, but also reduce the need for frequent weeding.

Produced from sustainable conifer plantations grown for the timber industry, certified in accordance with Forest Stewardship Council standards (FSC®).


8-20mm mini chips

Specially screened for a highly decorative finish

Ideal for use in containers as well as small decorative borders

Helps retain moisture in soil

Suppresses weed growth



Sizes available

70 litre



How to Use

Beds & borders

Prepare the area by removing all weeds and debris. Spread a layer of bark 2.5cm to 5cm deep evenly over the bed or border.

For best results lay a perforated plastic or fabric membrane under the bark. Cut an x-shaped hole in the membrane and place shrubs and plants into the planting hole under the membrane. Spread the bark chips back under the plant canopy to hide the membrane.

Remove any annual weeds as they appear. Maintain a good mulch layer and replenish with fresh bark annually.


Leave a 5-7cm space at the top of each container. Spread a 3-5cm layer of Westland Decorative Mini Bark over the top of the compost or soil. This will provide a thermal insulation making the pots less likely to dry out.

Remove annual weeds as they appear. Check the compost underneath is fresh at least once a year and top up the bark.


Why Use

Westland Decorative Mini Bark provides an ideal decorative mulch for small borders and for containers and plant pots

It reduces weeding time, conserves water and provides thermal insulation for plant roots



Handy Gardening Tips

Store in a dry, frost-free place away from weedkiller or other garden chemicals

Reseal bag after use

Wear gloves when handling. Wash hands after use



Frequently Asked Questions

Q. I have cats and dogs, is Decorative Mini Bark suitable for my garden?

A. Yes, Decorative Mini Bark is 100% Sitka spruce bark with nothing else added and will not cause concern for your pets. However we do know dogs like to chew wood so if your pet likes to do this then please consider if the product is suitable for them.


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